Quezon City: Property Market Trends (Office Sector)
Written by: Anishah Ferrero Buison    Sep 16, 2016
A large number of companies who are mostly comprised of start-up businesses and BPOs are looking for offices that are ready to be occupied in Quezon City. They are looking for fitted offices or fully equipped (plug and play) which is very cost –effective. BPOs and IT firms are still leading when it comes to office spaces in the real...
Tips on How to Choose the Best Space for your Business
Written by: Mervyn Valenzuela   Sep 09, 2016
Owning a business has been many Filipinos' goals. That is why in the recent years the number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has increased. Indeed, venturing in entrepreneurship is attractive; with the booming economy, people get to spend more disposable income, helping the performance of several businesses. However, owning a business is not a piece of cake. There are...
How to make the most out of your Real Estate Investment?
Written by: Mervyn Valenzuela   Sep 02, 2016
Investment is a hot topic now. With a considerable amount of cash, and smart investment decisions, you can earn several times of that initial investment amount. One type of investment in the real estate industry is in the form of rental properties. It is the form of real estate investment wherein investors buy living spaces (condominium unit, townhouse, etc.) ideally...
Why you should relocate your business to Quezon City?
Written by: Mervyn Valenzuela   Aug 26, 2016
Office spaces in the southern part of Metro Manila have become more expensive, this is due to the increased demand of companies. Addition to that, these employee’s experience daily traffic in the area that affects the entire economy to lose approximately 3 billion pesos per day due to traffic. Establishing business in congested areas is costly not only to the...
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