J. P. Laurel Avenue: A Stretch of Bonanza

by PRIME Philippines Research & Advisory   November 21, 2018

  Ever dreamed of owning a building? Being your own landlord, having your own commercial space, plus enjoying all the advantages of it. Imagine having it in a CBD – even better, yes? In the center of Davao City lies J.P Laurel Avenue - the Ayala Avenue of Mindanao. Even if it still has a long way from its counterpart, the upcoming years spark a positive light upon the region.   WHY INVEST IN J.P. LAUREL AVENUE? Known as the most commercialized stretch in Metro Davao, J.P. Laurel houses major commercial developments such as SM Lanang, Abreeza Mall, GMall, Damosa Gateway & Azuela Cove. Being 15-30 minutes away from the international airport, the course of J.P. Laurel benefits from the booming Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) Industry of Davao City. Hotels along this avenue are the top-of-mind destination where people – domestic or international visitors - can hold their event or check-in for a vacation. The diversity of the present food and beverage establishments, retail services, and financial institutions in this highway makes it more attractive for the locals and tourists. As the main commercial destination in the city, there is an ease of access from one point to another. Being a major thoroughfare, the availability of different modes of transportation can be expected, such as commuting going to and from key locations in Matina, Poblacion, and Buhangin.    OPPORTUNITY AWAITS Along J.P. Laurel Avenue, leasing opportunities are at a promising stance with high tenancy of 87% for office sector. Moreover, demand for accommodations and residential units catering to the growing population and tourism volume in the city is another main feature of the avenue. The presence of well-known hotels, malls, residential condominiums, and office developments along with its accessibility to and from the airport sets J.P. Laurel as the most frequented location in Davao City, whether for events, business, or even leisure. Hence, making the current and future establishments not just survive but thrive in this progressive highway of the Mindanao region. This vast opportunity awaits future investors - a significant potential for growth is just along the stretch of J.P. Laurel. Gone are the days that we hoped we owned more Ayala Avenue properties because now we have the chance to do so with investing in the Ayala Avenue of Mindanao.    

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The Quiet Rise of Katipunan’s Real Estate Sector
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The Quiet Rise of Katipunan’s Real Estate Sector

Katipunan Avenue, or commonly known as “Katip”, has experienced numerous changes in the past— from multiple traffic schemes to targeted road widenings to the gradual development of properties in the area.  Primarily known for the presence of three major schools and the presence of Upper C and above residential areas, Katipunan is the top-of-mind district for family gatherings and food trips because of the numerous restaurants in the area. As developments rapidly rise in the area, the market of Katip also shifted. What was one known as ball pits and play areas transitioned to becoming cafes and other on-the-go establishments,...

Investing in Condotels to respond for the increasing Tourism
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Investing in Condotels to respond for the increasing Tourism

Thinking of investing in condominiums? Hotels? Well, why not both? Owning a place with valet drivers, room services, swimming pools, gyms, and spa at the same time is not a dream anymore and only a step away as condotels can provide the convenience and luxury of both condominiums and hotels. Whether the purpose is for personal use or passive income, condotels is a great investment option given its increasing demand in the Philippines.           With new developments in infrastructures under the Duterte’s Administration, tourism is expected to increase in the following years. To name a few, the Philippines is going...

Food is “More Than Sustenance” but “More Of an Experience”
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Food is “More Than Sustenance” but “More Of an Experience”

Millennial-driven Food Parks expected to Increase as the second half of 2017 starts Searching for an Instagram-able place to dine in? Look no further as Food Parks may very well be right beside you. In today’s generation, Millennials see their dining locations not only as a place where they can eat food and satisfy their hunger but a “destination” where they get to experience their food. With the rise of the Instagram Trend, food became more of an artwork and a way of self-expression, rather than just for sustenance or nutrition. To cater to these millennials, more affordable Food Parks...

Influence of the Millennial Market on the Real Estate Industry
by PRIME Philippines Research and Advisory  May 19, 2017
Influence of the Millennial Market on the Real Estate Industry

In previous years, we have seen the rise of trends and products because of generations. These trends follow certain generations and the needs the generation have. The rise of the toy industry came from the baby boomer generation’s demand for toys because of the number of babies during the time. Eventually, even fast food places put up play areas for the millennials in their earlier years, because of the sheer numbers of the next wave of babies. Generations tend to affect industries, and the industries that maximize the generations by using trends really profit. A current trend is seen to...

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