6 Tips To Perfect Your Cold Calls

by PRIME Philippines   August 10, 2015

Part of being a successful real estate agent involves being able to conduct cold calls. These unsolicited calls grant real estate agents with the opportunity to establish a relationship with potential buyers. However, it takes repetition to master the practice and attain consistent results from clients. Refer to the list below in order to understand how to conduct the perfect cold call.

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4 Tips in working in a share working office space
by PRIME Philippines   March 31, 2014

Working in a shared office space is becoming a trend especially for start-up and in tech sector. Also, it become rampant and visible since it's an affordable option. This can be a challenge for employees as well. However, we have 4 tips here to enjoy working in a share office space. Do you like this infographic? Kindly share it with your network, we'd really appreciate it! For more on Real Estate Updates, like us: facebook.com/primephilippines

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