6 Tips To Perfect Your Cold Calls

by PRIME Philippines   August 10, 2015

Part of being a successful real estate agent involves being able to conduct cold calls. These unsolicited calls grant real estate agents with the opportunity to establish a relationship with potential buyers. However, it takes repetition to master the practice and attain consistent results from clients. Refer to the list below in order to understand how to conduct the perfect cold call.

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Protect Your Homes Against Flooding
by PRIME Philippines   July 13, 2015

Welcoming the rainy season, we should also take note that our homes should be prepared to face the changing of the seasons. More so, the flooding and the cold weather test the durability of our houses. Know how to protect your homes from flooding.

Filipino Beliefs and Traditions
by PRIME Philippines   July 2, 2015

Filipinos have their own traditions and beliefs in their everyday lives. They have their own old practices when it comes to moving to a new house or building their dream homes. In addition to that, they also have different charms that can bring luck to the family. No matter how odd and unusual these beliefs and traditions, these are practices that are part of the Filipino culture.

Philippines One of the Best Places to Retire
by PRIME Philippines   June 25, 2015

After spending almost half of your life working for your family and self or if you're still in the stages where you're readying yourself for the future, finding the right and best place for retirement is a must and thinking ahead is a great move. The Philippines, as many believe, is one of the best places to retire.

How to Avoid Real Estate Scams
by PRIME Philippines   June 18, 2015

Prevention is better than cure. When it comes to your future, it is better to avoid problems like scams . Real Estate scams exist in our country and you can be a victim when you don't take your decisions seriously. Indeed, owning a house and lot is one of your greatest achievement, but don't forget to be careful and plan ahead first. Here are ways to avoid real estate scams.

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