6 Tips To Perfect Your Cold Calls

by PRIME Philippines   August 10, 2015

Part of being a successful real estate agent involves being able to conduct cold calls. These unsolicited calls grant real estate agents with the opportunity to establish a relationship with potential buyers. However, it takes repetition to master the practice and attain consistent results from clients. Refer to the list below in order to understand how to conduct the perfect cold call.

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How did the Philippine Real Estate Market remains robust?
by PRIME Philippines   January 26, 2015

Philippine Real Estate remains robust and serves as one of the key factors behind the 5.3% GDP Growth rate for the third quarter of 2014. Here are some of the smart facts investors should know about the Philippine Real Estate Market and how it continues to bring big impact in the Philippine Economy. 

5 Innovative Apps for Real Estate Agents & Brokers
by PRIME Philippines   January 20, 2015

Innovative apps has been part of every known industries in this information age. Of course, there's no excuse for Real Estate Industry not to use these apps. Here are some of the Best Innovative apps for Real Estate Agents & Brokers. 

New Year Resolutions for your Home
by PRIME Philippines   January 9, 2015

Every New Year, most of us want to have something new. Some makes their New Year's Resolution for their selves. But why don't you think to come up with some resolutions for your home? Here are some of the resolutions that will make your home a more beautiful, clean, efficient, and a nice place to stay in.

Year of the Sheep: Activate Feng Shui at your Home
by PRIME Philippines   January 5, 2015

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