Affidavit of Title

by Prime Radar Team  August 28, 2015


Hello, PRIME Philippines! I’ve been actively searching for a home in a subdivision near Eastwood City. I found a house that I’m interested in leasing. One problem is that the landowner was required to fully disclose their legal issues. Although I remain interested in leasing the property, I was wondering if there were any legal documents I could request from the landowner in order to distance myself from their impending legal issues?


Good day! In order to evade the impending legal issues, you should request an Affidavit of Title from the current landowner. This document should clearly state the list of legal issues levied against the landowner. This document should suffice, making the landowner completely liable for the court’s decisions. As a result, you should be able to relocate to your new property with very little concern of suffering repercussions.