What should I do if my title was lost in a fire in the Registry of Deeds?

by Prime Radar Team  May 6, 2014

You can have the title reconstituted in the Registry of Deeds holding jurisdiction over your property, this is known as Administrative Reconstitution (Republic Act No. 6732). Administrative Reconstitution is an act allowing for the reconstruction of original copies of certificate of titles lost or destroyed due to fire, flood and other force majeure.

Administrative reconstitution can only be effected if 10% or more or a minimum of 500 of all titles in the Register of Deeds have been damaged or lost.

Follow the steps below:

1. RD receives application/ affidavit for reconstitution of title and the following documents to wit:

- Owner's Duplicate Certificate of title in triplicate copies, in the absence of such, then the co- owners duplicate certificate of title in triplicate copies

- Real estate tax receipt representing full payment of at least two (2) prior to the filing of the petition

- Triplicate copies of the latest tax declaration

- Such other documents as may be required by the concerned R.D

2. RD send application/ affidavit to Central Records Section (CRS) to the Central Office (except Q.C RD)

3. CRS receives application and forward it to Reconstitution Division

4. Receiving clerk assigns Folder Number and Index applications

5. Examiner 1 conducts assessment of application (petition and attached documents)

6. Cartographers plot the technical description of the Petitioned Lot in the Municipal Index sheets (MIS)

7. Examiner 2 conducts initial examination of the titles and its accompanying documents

8. Examiner 3 conducts final examination of the titles and its accompanying documents

9. Reconstituting Officer (Head of the Reconstitution Division) examines the application (petition and its attached documents) and affixes his initials in the petition

10. Clerk 1 types the Order for reconstitution

11. Clerk 2 proof-reads initial copy of Order for Reconstitution

12. Reconstituting Officer affixes his signature in the Order for the Reconstitution of the Title

13. The Director of the Legal Affairs Department is informed of the newly issued Order for reconstitution

14. The Reconstitution Division sends copies of the Order for Reconstitution to the concerned RD

15. Applicants obtain copy of Order from Recon Division to bring to ROD

16. The Reconstitution Division prepares and transmits Judicial Forms (to be used for Reconstituted Titles) to the concerned RDs upon the finality of the Order


17. The RD issues the Reconstituted Title



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