by Prime Radar Team  July 23, 2015


Good day, PRIME Philippines! I have recently returned to Manila following my year away from home. I’m actively looking to purchase a new home in Quezon City, somewhere relatively close to Eastwood City, as I’ll be working there. I have a set budget range that my company is willing to assist me in making the purchase. However, I am currently unaware as to the estimated costs of the properties I have considered. Is there anyone I could contact in order to get this information?


Greetings! The great news is that you could appoint an appraiser to assist you in figuring out the financial value of the properties you’re considering. An appraiser is a professional practitioner who posses the expertise to conduct a report estimating the value of the properties amongst other assets. Moreover, they would provide you with information regarding the safety of your location, particularly between May to October, as the summer monsoon season often brings the heaviest rainfall of the year. If the property happens to be located in an area that could potentially be affected, the appraiser would assist you in estimating the cost if any natural disaster impacts your home.