Notice of Lis Pendens

by PRIME Radar Team  July 9, 2015


Good Day PRIME PHILIPPINES! I've been eyeing this property in QC near a certain school for months since I want to start a small laundry business. My friends told me that I should talk to the owner since it has the "For Sale" banner. As I talked and ask for the documents, I saw that the property has a pending suit. Is it dangerous for me to buy it now or it does not affect the property and the buyer at all?



Good Day! The Notice of Lis Pendens or a pending suit is a notice that pertains to the jurisdiction of a court to a certain property which is involved in a suit before a final judgement is made. This is for the protection of the individual or individuals involved that caused the registration of the lis pendens. The notice also serves as a warning and it is advisable that a third person, or buyers like you, should note that it is best to be skeptical before buying the property. Properties with pending suit may have problems that deal with the title or possession and also the occupation.