What is Condemnation?

by PRIME TEAM Radar  June 22, 2015


Hi PRIME Philippines! I have a question and I really need a fast reply. I have a property, it is an empty lot located in QC. The other day, a representative of the government informed me that they're going to use my property in order to build a public park for a better community. Is that even possible concerning the fact that I own that lot?


Good Day! Concerning your question, yes it is possible and it is called Condemnation. This process occurs when a property or properties owned by a private individual or groups is/are seized by the higher authorities or the government for the benefit of the public. An example is your case, using the lot in order to build a public park. The authorities will have to offer you an appraised value or a pro tanto award in exchange. You can either accept the offer or decline it if the award is not enough and hire a lawyer to protect your rights and settle things between you and the government.