Dacion en Pago

by Prime Radar Team   July 16, 2015

Question: Hello PRIME! I’ve loaned in this particular bank amounting Php 7 million to start up my own laundry business and to secure my payment, I mortgaged my property, an open lot, located in Malate, Manila with 500 square meters. I was given 18 months of installment to pay my debt and as of now, I know that I will fail to meet my obligation. Here is my question before jumping to a conclusion. Can I offer half of my property as a payment to the bank?  Answer: Greetings! Yes, you can use your property as payment for your remaining debt in the bank as long as you and your creditor will settle into an agreement. In the Philippine law, there is what we call ‘Dacion en Pago’ which is defined as “a special mode of payment” where you, as the debtor, can offer other means of payment to the creditor, in your case half of your property. In simpler term, Dacion en pago is a payment in a form or property which is left or given to the lender to satisfy an obligation.

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What are the effects if your land title has encumbrance?
by Prime Radar Team  May 22, 2014
What are the effects if your land title has encumbrance?

Encumbrance denotes a charge or claim against a property, it creates an unclear title which affects/restricts/impairs the transferability of the property. It is a burden on the property that lessens its value thus making it less marketable. This encumbrance will remain charge against the property until the actual owner applies for cancellation of encumbrance at the Registry of Deeds. Prior to the cancellation, there must be satisfaction of debt/s or resolving the issues with the other party that issues the encumbrance which are necessary to support or warrant the petition/affidavit filed at the Registry of Deeds. Source: Philippines Real Estate...

What should I do if my title was lost in a fire in the Registry of Deeds?

You can have the title reconstituted in the Registry of Deeds holding jurisdiction over your property, this is known as Administrative Reconstitution (Republic Act No. 6732). Administrative Reconstitution is an act allowing for the reconstruction of original copies of certificate of titles lost or destroyed due to fire, flood and other force majeure. Administrative reconstitution can only be effected if 10% or more or a minimum of 500 of all titles in the Register of Deeds have been damaged or lost. Follow the steps below: 1. RD receives application/ affidavit for reconstitution of title and the following documents to wit:...

What is the meaning of the annotation?
by Prime Radar Team  April 28, 2014
What is the meaning of the annotation?

This annotation means that the property is an inherited property and any heir deprived of his lawful participation in the estate has two (2) years after settlement and distribution of estate to assert and claim his rights over the said property. If the lawful participation of the heir is payable in money, the court of competent jurisdiction after hearing may, by its order, settle the lawful participation and order how much and in what manner each distributee shall contribute in the payment to satisfy the claim. If so necessitate and if the circumstances would require, the court may issue execution...

What is Maceda law?
by Prime Radar Team  April 21, 2014
What is Maceda law?

The Philippines has laws that protect installment buyers of property. If the buyer's default is due to the failure of development by the seller/developer, the governing law is P.D 957 or the “Subdivision and Condominium Buyer’s Protective Decree” wherein the buyer shall be refunded of the total amount paid including amortization interests but excluding delinquency interests, with interest thereon at the legal rate. If the default is due to some other reasons other than failure of development, the governing law is Republic Act 6552, or the Maceda Law. Also known as the “Realty Installment Buyer Act” , Maceda Law applies...

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