Quezon City: The Land of Opportunity for the Masses and Investments

by Karol Christian Maglaya   October 7, 2016

Finding a decent job is hard nowadays especially that there are many factors to be considered like if it can sustain your family and your personal needs. In relation with this problem, business people are having a hard time in building their empire because they want the best space in town wherein it has the most foot traffic and is accessible to their employees, customers, and business people alike. This is a concern that should have been fixed a long time ago because it has created a domino effect in our world today. Endless traffic, tight and breathless situations in public transportations, hours wasted in long commutes, minimum-waged salaries, and anxieties caused by the stress in your everyday routine. It is just not worth what you really get in return.   According to a market study, Quezon City is the largest city in Metro Manila with a whopping total land area of 161.126 km2. That is equivalent to almost ¼ the expanse of the whole Metro Manila. Yet, it seems that it has still been underutilized in terms of commercial establishments that have been put up. Most people still have longed and come in search for job opportunities in places such as Makati and Ortigas and it has not been doing well in terms of the person-to-public transportation ratio. Every day, people see and experience the madness that have come out of a nightmare and just treat it as a norm because most Filipinos have no choice. This is where the business and other firms should come in. Quezon City is a land of opportunity just waiting for developers and big time establishments to come in also in search for the hundred thousands of people waiting to seek a better option in building their future.   Source:  Property Market Report: 2015 and 2016 Forecast PRIME Philippines Research 2015

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Maximizing Office Spaces: The Continuous Growth of the Co-Working and Shared Service Market

As more developments are put up, space is becoming more precious. With overflowing demand for new offices, the need to maximize space is becoming more evident. Central Business Districts such as Makati, BGC, and Ortigas currently have numerous serviced offices and co-working spaces that cater to freelancers, professionals, and small- to medium-scale enterprises. The market for this is less established office tenants who are looking for a permanent working address and the amenities of a fully operating office space. As demand for office spaces near homes continue to grow, co-working spaces and serviced offices are seen to expand beyond the...

The Future of E-commerce Industry in the Philippines
by PRIME Philippines Research Group  March 28, 2018
The Future of E-commerce Industry in the Philippines

The multi-billion worth industry of e-commerce is set to boost the ASEAN economy further as entrepreneurs with small to large enterprises are empowered to start maximizing business opportunities through this major digital breakthrough. As Inanc Balci, CEO of Lazada, once said in an interview: “E-commerce is the biggest opportunity for Southeast Asia this decade.” In this fast pace of digital trends and innovations, investors are now into this gold mine of digital commerce because given a small starting capital, greater returns are exceedingly conceivable. What are these opportunities, you say? Here is a brief illustration of what’s in store for...

Katipunan Avenue: The Jewel of Quezon City
by PRIME Philippines Research Group  March 21, 2018
Katipunan Avenue: The Jewel of Quezon City

  Quezon City has its own version of university belt – boasting with soaring residential skyscrapers, jampacked commercial establishments, first-rate residential subdivisions and world-class educational institutions, that is the Katipunan Avenue. Today, this long stretch from the Temple Drive to Tandang Sora is a gem sought for by property giants and the opportunity to ride this train of progress is still open to people looking for the best place to put their investment in. What makes this place so great, you say? Listed here are the top reasons why Katipunan is the perfect place to be for your first business...

What makes the Philippines a great Japanese business hub?

          Over the years, strong business ties have been forged between Japan and the Philippines. In 2016, Japan was even hailed as the Philippines’ largest trading partner, amassing over $11.7 billion worth of foreign trade.  With the current administration underway, bonds between the two nations have been progressively strengthening all the more. This can be evidenced by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s generous $1.26 billion loan, of which is expected to finance three of the major infrastructure projects planned this presidency. This amount forms but a segment of the $8.8-billion, or the ¥1-trillion allocated for various...

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