Quezon City: The Land of Opportunity for the Masses and Investments

by Karol Christian Maglaya   October 7, 2016

Finding a decent job is hard nowadays especially that there are many factors to be considered like if it can sustain your family and your personal needs. In relation with this problem, business people are having a hard time in building their empire because they want the best space in town wherein it has the most foot traffic and is accessible to their employees, customers, and business people alike. This is a concern that should have been fixed a long time ago because it has created a domino effect in our world today. Endless traffic, tight and breathless situations in public transportations, hours wasted in long commutes, minimum-waged salaries, and anxieties caused by the stress in your everyday routine. It is just not worth what you really get in return.   According to a market study, Quezon City is the largest city in Metro Manila with a whopping total land area of 161.126 km2. That is equivalent to almost ¼ the expanse of the whole Metro Manila. Yet, it seems that it has still been underutilized in terms of commercial establishments that have been put up. Most people still have longed and come in search for job opportunities in places such as Makati and Ortigas and it has not been doing well in terms of the person-to-public transportation ratio. Every day, people see and experience the madness that have come out of a nightmare and just treat it as a norm because most Filipinos have no choice. This is where the business and other firms should come in. Quezon City is a land of opportunity just waiting for developers and big time establishments to come in also in search for the hundred thousands of people waiting to seek a better option in building their future.   Source:  Property Market Report: 2015 and 2016 Forecast PRIME Philippines Research 2015

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A Vacation Like No Other: The Continuous Rise of Staycations

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Full Steam Ahead: PRIME Philippines Accurately Foresees Industrial and Manufacturing Boom
by PRIME Philippines Marketing and Communications Department  June 14, 2018
Full Steam Ahead: PRIME Philippines Accurately Foresees Industrial and Manufacturing Boom

Being effective forward thinkers entails having a strong sense of present conditions and an even stronger ability to interpret these in order to accurately picture what future trends will be. As a leading real estate consultancy firm, PRIME Philippines is at the forefront of identifying key shifts and significant movements in the industry. This puts us in the best vantage point to fine-tune our services in order to provide the most innovative and sound solutions; anticipating opportunities that will be beneficial to our clients. Two years ago, PRIME Philippines Founder and CEO Jet Yu spoke at several real estate forums...

Work Meets Play: Online Gaming Overtakes BPO as Highest Taker in Office Space Demand
by PRIME Philippines Marketing and Communications Department  June 6, 2018
Work Meets Play: Online Gaming Overtakes BPO as Highest Taker in Office Space Demand

Online gaming is enjoying rapid market growth in the Philippines. In today’s age of selfies, this computerization of play comes as no surprise. With the popularity of online gaming comes an influx of companies keen on expanding in the Philippines. Online Gaming has taken Metro Manila by storm and quickly overtook the BPO industry as the biggest taker of office spaces. While BPO demand for office spaces experienced a sudden slowdown in 2017, online gaming companies were quick to pick this up as key takers have acquired more than 220,000 square meters of office space around Metro Manila. With over...

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