Food is “More Than Sustenance” but “More Of an Experience”

by PRIME Philippines Research and Advisory  June 16, 2017

Millennial-driven Food Parks expected to Increase as the second half of 2017 starts

Searching for an Instagram-able place to dine in? Look no further as Food Parks may very well be right beside you. In today’s generation, Millennials see their dining locations not only as a place where they can eat food and satisfy their hunger but a “destination” where they get to experience their food. With the rise of the Instagram Trend, food became more of an artwork and a way of self-expression, rather than just for sustenance or nutrition. To cater to these millennials, more affordable Food Parks are established. PRIME Philippines has received numerous inquiries regarding the opportunities of starting up food parks given its increasing demand.

Similar to Food Courts, Food Parks offer a wide assortment of food and beverages that caters to the wants and needs of the current generation. The difference between Food Courts and Food Parks is that Food Parks are outdoors and offer more than what a simple Food Court can. A Food Park can provide its diners with a variety of choices in food geared towards the theme of the specific food park. Food Park tenants tend to avoid generic food offerings and aim to offer their food in a unique way through packaging or through experimenting with tastes and different styles of food. Partnered with this, Food Parks have a unique and inviting ambiance through the different themes they offer.

A Greenhouse Themed Food Park lets you experience nature as you enjoy the food. A Rustic Themed Food Park can remind you of the countryside experience. A Space Themed Food Park can give you a unique experience of the outer space with its space drinks and galaxy-themed food. A Carnival Themed Food Park can provide you with an exciting and wild setting of a carnival. Aside from these Food Parks, there are also other bizarre ones such as the Pokemon Themed Food Park with its tagline “Gotta Eat ‘Em All” where the food is designed to look like Pokémon characters.

With these Food Parks’ elaborate set-ups, these destinations are becoming more of an experience worthy of being documented by the customers through photo sharing in the social media. With the increasing number of Themed Food Parks, what other surprises can these Food Parks have in store for us?