Why Should Offices Be Ergonomic?

by PRIME Philippines Office Markets  October 3, 2018

In a previous article, essentials in making an office ergonomic were detailed. While the article painted a clear picture on ergonomic features and the benefit of employees, looking at the benefits of the company is also essential. Investing in a quality office space is more than just additional fit out costs. The additional cost can translate to gains in company bottom lines and prove to be a fair exchange of short-term cost to long term benefit.

With that in mind, here are P.R.I.M.E perks that make an ergonomic office worth the investment:

  1. Productivity Growth

Efficiency in the execution of daily tasks boosts productivity. Thus, employees' comfort zones must be given importance. Who do you think finishes tasks with higher output quality? Employee A who uses machinery to aid him in doing tasks? Or Employee B who does everything manually and as a result becomes fatigued?

Employees who are physically comfortable while doing their job perform better than those who are not. This can influence their output quality, as employees’ physical capacity and strength vary greatly. An ergonomic office avoids being prone to errors, including the employees’ outputs. In this way, they will have higher levels of performance, as their jobs can be done with ease.

  1. Reduced Costs

Being proactive has its perks. Your company will have significant cost savings in the long-run by solving the problem before it occurs. For instance, considering how people move around and use things, losses like damaged equipment due to incorrect installation can now be avoided. Instead of cash going to waste, you can now focus on allocating the cash on more practical matters.

  1. Intensified Employee Morale

Motivated and untroubled employees tend to look forward to going to work and doing their jobs in the best way possible, as they recognize the company’s effort in giving them the best work experience as well. As a result, the decrease in employee turnover and absenteeism, and the increase in employee esteem and involvement can be observed.

  1. Medical and Safety Benefits

Solving problems before they occur is an advantage. Having a safe space that allows your employees to have a good time at work while maintaining their overall wellness is a very appealing concept. Recognizing this need is of great importance to them.

  1. Effective and Efficient Management    

Being effective in running a company is good, but being effective and efficient at the same time is better.

What is the difference you ask? Effectiveness is merely being able to achieve your objectives. Efficiency, on the other hand, is the capacity to achieve your objectives while minimizing time and effort utilized.

Adding ergonomics in your company, you will attain both characteristics mentioned. Ultimately, having a smarter management approach is a competitive advantage that can bring your company far.

Already interested in setting up an ergonomic office? Attaining these perks for your company starts with choosing the right location at the right price. PRIME Philippines handles a wide variety of office spaces that may just be the right one for your company. Allow us to lift the burden of looking for options for you and allow our seasoned real estate consultants to advise you on the ideal office space for your company. Contact us today for a consultation at (+632) 442 8888 or (+63) 917 555 8222 or you may send us an email at [email protected].


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