Boracay: What's Next?

by PRIME Philippines Research and Advisory  October 31, 2018

Have you been in one of those crazy, booze-filled and jam-packed Laboracay parties? If yes, good for you! If you haven’t been in any, you just missed the last one from last year. The rehabilitation of the once-labeled cesspool Boracay has gained mixed opinions mostly coming from the local businesses, the hopeful natives and the regulars of the country’s top tourist destination. With the reopening of this New Boracay last October 26 and the continuous improvement and regulation of the island, people ask: “Now, what?”

To answer that million-peso question, here are some exhibits to guide us in assessing the direction and potential of Boracay:


Now for the verdict: the long overdue rehabilitation is now at hand and the call for cooperation echoes across the island.

What is it for tourists, you say? I’m sure we don’t want Boracay to decay to a distant memory of the past for our children, right?

For the businesses and investors, this reopening serves as yet another opportunity to take advantage of this teeming haven full of visitors in search for accommodations and other necessities. Skeptics may go against this positive direction for the island but agencies and investors are working hand in hand to maintain a sustainable environment and a controlled growth at the same time.

Start anew and start strong.


PRIME Philippines sees a promising potential on the reopening of Boracay to the public. With the same vision of sustainability and optimization while considering the key stakeholders in each venture, PRIME Philippines helps developers and investors, such as yourself, achieve business goals and success. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation at (+632) 442 8888 or (+63) 917 555 8222 or send us an email at [email protected] Together, let’s aim for a sustainable place where both businesses and people thrive alike.