Prime Philippines | The Rise of the Modern Millennial Offices

by PRIME Radar Team  May 10, 2016

Today, millennials have dominated the trends of creating modern office spaces and it’s quite new on today’s society. Gathering new ideas from the young bloods are more likely being adopt by the older generations. It’s young and vibrant presence increases the chances of an individual to stay longer in their company.

Millennials’ are more dominant on seizing up their work. Each individual can multi-task jobs in a diverse and different level of thinking. Creating a harmonious, lively and interactive work can generate high sales and growth of the company. Young bloods are exceptional in terms of doing their daily task. They can balance work and play at the same time.  From baby boomers to generation Y worked has entirely changed. Millennials are more agile and adoptive with the culture around them. They can surpass expectations of their managers and supervisors. Being happy-go-lucky is one of their thing but when worked interferes millennials tends to respond aggressively with their jobs.

Millennials are also known as “digital natives”. They were raised speaking the tech language and become incredibly fluent at a young age. Older generations tend to adjust and adopt innovations brought by them. This is where modern offices have risen. Companies these days used hi-tech and state-of-the-art facilities. They already amplified this trend and it’s seamlessly noticeable with the current generation today. Young entrepreneurs’ sets cutting- edge offices were rules and standards are create on their own. Many work places are becoming the manifestation of the “business casual” trend.  Interior design and flexible work zone are also one of the key factors why millennials are aggressively active with their work. While their primary purposes is to served-down focus work, workstation should also be designed to support one-on-one collaboration and the ability to turn an individual’s work surface into a table where a visiting colleague can fit, say a laptop and a cup of coffee. Work surfaces are being coupled with semi-fixed power/data splines that support movable components. These levels of flexibility enable employees to modify configuration when greater collaboration is needed.  Recent workplace concepts have attempted to created neighborhoods, which are not necessarily departmental or project-based groupings. Instead, the goal is to help co-employees to identify their neighborhood: to change their aspect from “my space” to “our space,” to give the workers the feeling of membership in the club, as opposed by simply ownership of a desk.

Millennials are certainly part of the on-the-go generation. Millennials have an easy lifetime than the older generation. They can be robots programmed to behave in a distinctive matter. They can also multi-tasked in a way that everything is done at a time. With this kind of perspective, worked will continually innovate and perhaps helps the future generations to improve more.