Information Technology: Cost-Efficient Innovations in Real Estate

by Ms. Aubrey  December 3, 2014

My department at PRIME handles everything and anything I.T.-related for the company, meaning we’re in charge of matters ranging from website design –that is, we manage content posted on the company website, and matters with regard to hosting and keeping it up and operational- and designing company collaterals for advertisement (company marketing kits and folders, tarpaulin banners, billboards, etc.), to network administration, the company newsletter and monitoring our clients’ accounts with us through our in-house tracking system. It’s a demanding job and keeps the I.T. department, myself included, busy throughout the day.

Through all this we’re able to support PRIME through the masterful use of modern information technology – not only effectively but also in a cost-efficient way. In keeping with the spirit of I.T., we always try to find marketing and management solutions that are not only innovative, but also economic and practical for our company.

We make a great effort to supplement more traditional marketing methods we use like tarp banners with other efficient, low-cost advertising and placement techniques – such as our use of Search Engine Optimization for our online marketing strategy for keeping PRIME present and active on the internet. This is much cheaper and definitely much more cost-efficient than billboards and focusing on large tarpaulin banners, for example. It guarantees access to a wider audience at a much lower price tag. On that same note, we’ve also found a creative way to spare PRIME from the hefty fees associated with maintaining websites. Instead of paying servers, we use free hosting services for our websites – meaning that all PRIME has to pay for now in that respect are the domains the company plans to use online.

I’d also like to bring up again that tracking system I mentioned earlier. Real estate marketing is about processing not only property, but also all the associated information with it. Staying on top of all that can be tedious, so our solution to that was PRIME’s very own monitoring and tracking system – a customized “inventory system”, if you’d call it that, of all our clients’ accounts with us. It runs completely through the company’s local network, and requires no external server assistance. It’s been of great assistance ever since. Its mainframe is also housed in the network administrator’s computer, meaning if push comes to shove, we only need one PC unit to access and maintain it – lightening the load off the rest of the network as well, freeing it all up for other tasks PRIME’s employees may need the company intranet for.

This spirit of I.T., one of finding smart solutions, whether complex or simple, to management’s problems is something I feel very strongly about. In our own department we also try to find ways to keep producing quality output and providing support to other departments, but preferably more efficiently and more low-cost as we go along, even if it’s just simple things like using the backside of secondhand paper for printing internal company documents. Also, instead of paying for expensive licenses for branded products we’d use, we’ve opted for free, Open-Source software that works just as well for us, except it costs much less. In most cases, it’s actually free.