Large Properties, Unusual Accounts

by Ms. Janine  November 7, 2014

Since my field of work lies in capital markets, I often find myself dealing with larger accounts across the commercial, office, residential and industrial sectors of real estate. These are the properties clients usually buy as opposed to lease and those who do lease will do so for extended periods of time. I often have to work with developers for office space, hotels or residential condominiums. This is the bread and butter of what I do here at PRIME.

However, there also are the more unusual cases that a marketer will encounter in this market – such as being offered beachfronts or resorts to market to clients. One has to understand that while these are all still all categorized under “capital markets”, how you’re going to approach the task of marketing them is a different challenge altogether, but more on that later. Exceptionally large properties, the ones you usually sell due to the high price tag and required investment in them, are also sometimes marketed for lease – difficult since even paying for lease would be particularly expensive. I’m talking here about those properties that reach or exceed a hectare in area covered.

The way to go here lies with the recognition that customers, like in any business, vary from one to the next. You have to approach them based on their wants and needs – in a manner of saying, you’re there to help first, and sell second. Take the case of +1 hectare-sized real estate being opened for lease – we can definitely help the owner or point-person find a client to lease the real estate, but I’d also advise that maybe selling the property would make it easier to find a match.