QC-based Real Estate Firm Supports the Local COVID-19 Cause

by PRIME Philippines   April 1, 2020

Amid numerous birthdays and other milestones being affected by the enhanced community quarantine throughout the metro, young entrepreneur and founder of homegrown real estate advisory firm PRIME Philippines, Jettson “Jet” Yu, chose to celebrate his 30th birthday by instead of traditionally receiving birthday presents, choosing to donate towards the local COVID-19 pandemic response. On April 1, Mr. Yu’s generous donation of over 200 gallons of alcohol was delivered directly to four QC institutions, namely: East Avenue Medical Center, the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, The Lung Center of the Philippines, and the Quezon City Hall - all in the hope of better supporting the medical and social front-liners battling the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country. Mr. Mhel Dellosa, Manager for Commercial Property Investments of PRIME Philippines led the distribution to safely deliver over 200 bottles to the various recipient centers. On the subject of his donation, Mr. Yu mentions, “While we have all been doing our part to flatten the curve by staying at home with our loved ones, I can’t help but feel the need to contribute my part to support our healthcare workers and community front liners.” Apart from this donation, Mr. Yu and his company, PRIME Philippines, have all joined the country in observing the enhanced community quarantine by adopting a flexible working system and preparing for the lifting of the lockdown. While PRIME Philippines has participated in annual CSR initiatives in its 7-year existence, ranging from building homes with Gawad Kalinga and tree planting in Bulacan to volunteering at orphanages such as Children’s Joy Foundation and others, this donation of 200 gallons of alcohol to front-liners is just a simple yet timely response to the current pandemic as the company hopes they can find other avenues to further do their part. In fact, this donation will not affect the firm’s other planned CSR initiatives for the year. It is in this period of uncertainty and fear that Mr. Yu has also reminded, “When businesses stop, it’s an opportunity for bayanihan to start - and that’s what makes us truly Filipino.” Under his direction, QC-based real estate firm PRIME Philippines has taken this spirit of bayanihan to heart by contributing their own personal donations and doing their part by staying home. Mr. Yu, in turn, now invites his fellow business owners and entrepreneurs to showcase their bayanihan and support for the country by making their own donations and supporting their employees throughout the enhanced community quarantine. PRIME Philippines would like to thank Leonisa Bernardo (Supplies Officer) of Lung Center of the Philippines, Erlina Orayani (Admin of the Mayor's Office) of the Quezon City Hall, Jasper Magat (Director's Office) of East Avenue Medical Center, and Chona De Jesus (OIC of Supply Management Division) of the NKTI for their open communication and warm response. During this COVID-19 pandemic and community quarantine, PRIME Philippines would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the workers and medical practitioners on the frontlines of this virus pandemic. On a final note, Mr. Yu would also like to mention, “For all those also celebrating milestones during this enhanced community quarantine, I would like to send my heartfelt well-wishes! I hope we can all stay happy and healthy, and that we can all celebrate when this quarantine ends.”  

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