Princess Salon and Spa

by Hazel Marie Uy Princess Hazel Salon and Spa – Owner  February 24, 2014


A woman just like a princess needs to be well taken care of and must be put on a pedestal because every woman is special. Don't stress yourself, feel good, look good, be beautiful and stand out. If you are under stress, don’t let stress be manifested in your life, shift your emotion by changing your looks. Almost all people give utmost importance on how they look, on how they appear in the eyes of others especially for women. According to some woman's hair is her crowning glory, so if it is not good it really lessens one's self esteem. Doing a great job, confidence plays a vital role, if you are confident on how you look, everything else will follow. Salons are not just for women, men also deserve wellness and relaxation every now and then. After all, going to a salon does not diminish men’s masculinity.

Princess Hazel Salon & Spa offers a wide variety of products and creative services for beauty and wellness, experience royal treatment by their beauty experts, that will really keep you in trend, and more confident. Say goodbye to the outdated looks, bring out the princess within you, have a visit and experience ROYAL service only here at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa, your one stop beauty shop.


Establishing a business is like a gamble, you didn't know whether you will win or loss in the end, thus it is imperative to have effective strategies and employ those ways that you think will contribute to the success of your business. It is where the principle of “survival of the fittest” will apply, competitors and business with the same concept are ubiquitous, imitation is not an option and uniqueness is an advantage. What the clients are paying for is the quality of service and satisfaction that they will get after the service; this is one the secrets of many established businesses in the industry. Success of commercial business is also dictated by its location, the owner's major requirement is to find place that is strategically located where people would have easy access. The lessee needed a place that had a close orientation to their salon’s theme which is “Royalty” and decided to have their business established within the heart of Quezon City.

Service Rendered:


For most corporations, finding or relocating to a suitable office space is vital to the success of their business. The challenge lies in getting the most ideal space at the best possible deal. PRIME’s tenant representatives help tenants identify and align their business objectives with their property requirements by utilizing proven negotiation techniques, research strategies and market knowledge. We provide our clients the convenience to focus on their daily business while we assist them meet their real estate objectives.

Key Action

PRIME presented units in Pacific Century Tower located along Quezon Avenue, Quezon City since the property suits their preferences. The company offered them a space for their business that has easy access both for their crew and patrons, ample security and an accommodating management. The Pacific Century Tower is a building mixed used for residential and commercial giving the salon an advantage with having possible prospects in the building and have consistent patrons near them.

“They showed me patience while I'm thinking which one to get and while I keep on asking questions.” - Hazel Marie Uy (Princess Hazel Salon and Spa – Owner)

Present State

Princess Hazel Salon and Spa is located in Unit 203 Pacific Century Tower, Quezon Avenue Quezon City. Their Interior Designer, Janet Bulandi and Architect Allan Bulandi patterned the Interior Design to a Royalty theme, no wonder why the aura and ambiance is really different when you are inside, with soft music and classy amenities without removing the “kikay” side of the owner. It is really a place worth visiting.