Eduardo's Peri-Peri

by PRIME Philippines Client Experience Group  January 15, 2015

Eduardo’s Peri-Peri will soon be serving a mouth-watering Portuguese-style flame grilled chicken in the Philippines. Introducing exotic food in the industry is a risky move, but the owners believe that there is a market for it; the adventurous-spirited Filipinos who seek new and exciting flavours. It is co-headed by one of the country’s largest agricultural conglomerates, whose end products include high quality chicken meat.

In preparation for their opening, Eduardo’s is continuously acquiring properties for their offices, storage, and restaurants. They are focusing on NCR for their dine-in establishments, targeting to open 3 branches within the year. As a new business offering new products, the locations of these restaurants are critical and will affect its lucrativeness. Because of this, they require being situated in highly commercialized areas with heavy foot traffic. They contacted PRIME to assist them in achieving this.

The Service Rendered: Client Representation

PRIME, as the middle-man, works with commercial property owners and potential tenants. Linking the two parties with compatible needs is the primary purpose of this service. It includes maintaining communications, and setting a neutral ground for an ethical and professional transaction that will lead to the success of both the lessee and lessor.

We utilize technology combined with network experience. The global and local business connections and large database we have established are composed of real-estate professionals, developers, investors and land bankers. These serve as an extra leverage to match properties with ready buyers/lessees.

PRIME offered a commercial property in West Avenue, Quezon City. Upon visiting, they showed great interest in leasing the space. Moreover, they were also interested in leasing the second and third floor of the same building to function as their storage. Facilitated by our sales associate, the owner and the representative of Eduardo’s met to negotiate and soon signed contracts as they successfully agreed on terms.

The properties have been turned-over to Eduardo’s and is currently renovating for its future opening. They are still in the process of perfecting their recipe, training their staff, and constructing their other restaurants. They are expecting to launch next year, 2015. Eduardo’s Peri-Peri is excited to open their West Avenue branch and was satisfied with PRIME’s services.