Papa John's Pizza

by Ardi Mosuela Business Development Specialist Papa John’s Pizza  December 18, 2014

The third largest pizza chain in the world and the top consumers’ choice in the US, Papa John’s Pizza, strives to deliver traditional handmade pizza made with the freshest ingredients served by passionate people. Pizza is available just about anywhere, but Papa John’s is sure to rise above the rest. With better ingredients, from the dough to the toppings, they make a better pizza to give their customers a better dining experience. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal in every order they get; as one of their core values includes “P.A.P.A” or People Are Priority Always. With over 3,500 branches, Papa John’s vigorously satisfies pizza-lovers from all over the world, one slice at a time.

Last January 29, 2011, they officially opened their first flagship branch in the Philippines. Now, they have 14 stores open all over NCR. They are targeting to open 100 restaurants by 2021. Given that, the company is currently looking for properties to place their dine-in bistros and their delivery corners.

They’re currently focusing their expansions in NCR. For their delivery corners, they require relatively small spaces, 80-100m2 ,since this will only focus on their delivery services; although, walk-in customers are still welcome. Their dine-in bistros call for bigger locations, 100-150 m2, with more foot traffic such as malls.

The Service Rendered:Commercial Leasing

Prime Philippines, functioning as the middle-man, associates with commercial property owners and potential tenants. Connecting the two parties with compatible needs is the primary purpose of this service. It includes maintaining communications, and setting a neutral ground for an ethical and professional transaction that will lead to the success of both the lessee and lessor.

We utilize technology combined with network experience. The global and local business connections and large database we have established are composed of real-estate professionals, developers, investors and land bankers. These serve as an extra leverage to match properties with ready buyers/lessees.

Prime Philippines offered Papa John’s Pizza a vacant property in the second floor of Berkeley Square located along Commonwealth, Quezon City. This property was formerly leased by a similar restaurant, offering pizza delivery services. After visiting, they showed great interest in leasing the space. Facilitated by our sales associate, the owner and the representative of Papa John’s met to negotiate and successfully agreed on terms. Contracts were signed and the property was turned-over. Papa John’s Berkeley Square is currently open for business.

“The building requires a lot of construction paperwork, but it is manageable. I did not encounter any problems with the services provided by Prime since the negotiation and turnover went smoothly. Given that they have quality properties and a fair deal, I will consider them in future projects. I would rate Prime 9/10 for the services they rendered.” (Non-verbatim) - Ardi Mosuela (Business Development Specialist Papa John’s Pizza)