Japan Institute for Educational Measurement

by Clark Lester Bautista President of JIEM Philippines  June 19, 2014

Given the benefit of modern technology, we always want to make things quick, hassle free and less tedious. We mostly rely on things that we see in the computer and sometimes we prefer the answers in the computer rather than what is written in books and other sources. Most people are already technology driven. It says that with the use of technology, it will be easier and faster than using the typewriter which cannot be deleted as there is no back space, snail mail that will take weeks to a month before the recipient receives it or when taking examinations, instead of using paper, it can be done using computers. Not only will it be hassle free for the checkers, but also saves time for the examinee since results will be released quicker.

Japan Institute for Educational Measurement is a Japan based company that provides a variety of original tests and learning systems using the latest test theory, as well as preparation, implementation of tests on a contract basis and analysis. JIEM carries out research and development concerning proper educational measurement technology (testing) in the field of education. By disseminating and distributing the outcomes – proper testing methods – we are contributing to effective education as well as to the development of individual ability.

Requirements and Needs

In a business, especially for the starter, finding the best location to put up their business is one of the most crucial decisions to make. There should be a lot to consider like the accessibility of the place to the clients, ideal and safe location, building amenities, and many more. Without proper planning and analysis, it may turn all the efforts, time, and hard earned money to waste and will result to failure in attaining company goals.

Japan Institute for Educational Measurement was looking for an ideal office place within Quezon City with an area of about 200 to 220 square meters and PRIME Corporation offered the Coher Center along Quezon Avenue, which is the preferred location of the company. Aside from the fact that it fits the above requirement, the place is strategically located near the University Belt and nearby Colleges and Schools.

Services Rendered

Client Representation

Branch expansion and introducing new products and services in a foreign country is like a gamble and a great risk as no one can predict whether it will yield a reasonable return on investment. An ideal location to start the new business is a necessity for the company operation, that is, it must offer a conducive working environment for company employees and accessibility to its patrons. After all, the kind of office space manifests the type of service being offered and the type of persons running it.

With PRIME’s Client Representation, we help the client choose and find the best properties suitable for their needs, and with terms acceptable and convenient to them.

Key Action

PRIME Corporation offered them the unit at Coher Center located along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City which is the preferred location of JIEM and also near to Colleges and Universities and very accessible via public transportation. First, PRIME studied and considered all the requirements needed by the client, upon checking its database and verifying that Coher Center is suitable for their needs, PRIME assisted them from viewing, negotiation to contract finalization.

Present State

Japan Institute for Educational Measurement is currently holding office at the 10th Floor of Coher Center.

“Stay is good so far. Building admin is also helpful and extends assistance to us whenever we need anything.”