Tekton Prefab CTC

by Gina Bernal-Duanan Administrative Officer of Tekton Prefab CTC  May 19, 2014

We owe a lot to our engineers, our world builders. We are now civilized people living in a civilized society, wherein development is apparent. The Philippines is one of the developing countries, and this development appears paradisiacal and a proof that we are not left behind in terms of industrialization and development.

There is nothing permanent in this world, just as the world of engineering. From a single storey to high rise buildings, from 1 knot to 70 knots in ships and many more as days keep on improving and changing. Tekton Prefab Construction Technologies Corporation is a company that offers services in Civil works, Mechanical installation works, electrical works, and other special services like oleo fats manufacturing plant, ship repair and building, and large capacity storage tank.

Requirements and Needs

In any business, location, accessibility and knowledge or expertise are the most important factors to be considered as this will help the company nurture and secure its business. It is a game that must be well-played and well planned in order to achieve its goal or else it will suffer losses and efforts will be futile.

Tekton Prefab Construction Corporation had their office near U.P. Diliman but they needed to relocate where they can promote their services to a larger market. PRIME offered an available unit in Pacific Century Tower where accessibility is guaranteed making it a very ideal office space.

"In business, we need a strategic location to market our services, and PRIME happened to offer the right place. "

Service Rendered

Client Representation

Aside from actual business operation, finding an ideal location where marketing their business is one of the most crucial points. It may turn all the efforts and hard work into regrets and failures when it has not been planned nor studied properly. With PRIME’s Client Representation, it helps the client in finding solutions to their problems by assisting them in finding a space that suits their requirements to wit: Location/Accessibility, Preferred Size, Property Type and Affordability.

Key Action

PRIME Corporation offered them a unit at Pacific Century Tower located along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City which is very accessible via public transportation. After the viewing, and thorough negotiation and compliance of the requirements needed, the unit was turned over to them.

Present State

Tekton PREFAB Construction Corporation holds office at Unit 309 of Pacific Century Tower.

"Since we just moved in last February 2014 we never had problems or issues with the administration. In fact, they even assisted us in our telephone and internet application."