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Asia United Bank

“It was such a pleasurable experience I got from PRIME Philippines as the exclusive leasing agency of AA Corporate Plaza in Civic Drive, Alabang.  Dealing with them was such a breeze, from sending our letter of intent, to the time we were doing our fit-out for our "rush" construction.  From a Bank's perspective, this kind of superb service is just what we need to ease the burden of spending so much time scouting for sites and directly inquiring from  lessors.  PRIME's representative was  very helpful and  "Tops" when it comes to quick and efficient servicing.  Till our next deal!”

by Client Experience Group
Aug 30, 2016
Geodata Systems Technologies, Inc.

"I got the chance to know about PRIME Philippines from one of my staff. Since PRIME Philippines was engaged in the Real Estate industry, I touched base with them to see if I could meet the deadline for a new office space. Their agent was very generous and accommodating in sharing with me information on what locations were better and more accessible. With their assistance, I was able to meet the deadline to occupy the space! PRIME was also able to provide post development support to whatever concerns and needs the tenant had. I fully recommend PRIME as the realtor of choice when it comes to office and retail space leasing, agent referrals and all other concerns related to Real Estate services."

by Client Experience Group
Aug 30, 2016
PPC Asia

“All I can say is that it's been a satisfying experience for us dealing with PRIME. The associate assigned to our account is so cordial and accommodating in adhering to what we want. She is eloquently communicating with us throughout the whole process. The needed information were properly disseminated so as not to create confusion. And lastly, the timely processing of documentation was properly observed. All in all, it's been a pleasure doing business with PRIME Philippines.”

by Client Experience Group
Aug 30, 2016
The Manila Times | Developers urged to diversify tenant mix

PROPERTY developers should diversity their tenant mix and not just rely on the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry to guard against the risk of a sudden drop in rental income, a local real estate consultancy firm said. “A good tenant mix in your building can lessen the risk of sudden drop in your rental income in case of recession or economic meltdown,” Prime Philippines managing director Jet Yu said during a real estate forum on Friday. Yu noted that office buildings in the country are not solely dependent on the BPO industry in terms of occupancy. “This means that should the BPO market slow down or downsize, there will be other companies that will absorb these office spaces,” he said. Yu cited the case of Quezon City where in the BPO industry, along with the information technology sector, only accounted for 31 percent of the demand for office spaces in the city in 2015. There was also substantial demand from the government sector which took up 6.47 percent of the office space demand in Quezon City last year, he said. “Some of these government agencies have requirements that would range from 2,000 square meters to up to 10,000 square meters. It would take up already one whole building,” Yu said. He said that the general and professional services sector comprised 23.84 percent of office space demand while other sectors — finance, manufacturing, real estate and healthcare — accounted for 38.53 percent. “I know it’s more convenient and it’s easier to lease out one whole building to one tenant but in a case of applying a good tenant mix, if a specific industry would collapse, you would not lose 100 percent of your previous rental count. Although it’s not a guarantee but it will lessen the risk of leaving you with high vacancy rate,” the realty consultant explained. He said high vacancy rates would result in higher expenses for landlords as they would have to shoulder the maintenance costs of the office space that is not leased out. There are preventive measures to lessen the risk of tenants backing out from their lease, he said. “This can be avoided through proper assessment, tenant planning and thorough study before launching the project or while the building is still under construction. This way, you will be able to set the right path, the right direction on which tenant you should choose for a building,” Yu concluded. Source: Talavera, Catherine (2016, July 29). Developers urged to diversify tenant mix. The Manila Times . Retrieved from

by Catherine Talavera
Aug 12, 2016
PRIME Philippines | Asia Leaders Forum : Real Estate in the Philippines

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by PRIME Radar Team
Jul 14, 2016